Regional health policy - Promoting equity in spite of crosscurrents?

The health system reflects one of the largest organized activities of modern society. Current trends of health policy in Europe focus on devolution, i.e. shifting responsibilities towards the regional and local level.

The workshop intended to promote the debate on regional health policy, illustrating the broad scope of the topic. Examples of “good practice” were identified, facilitating mutual learning for the benefit of all interested regions.

LIGA.NRW as WHO Collaborating Centre for Regional Health Policy and Public Health organized the workshop in coordination with the WHO Regions for Health Network.

Programme of the workshop

 Regional health policy - Promoting equity in spite of crosscurrents?


 Dr. Eleftheria Lehmann, Director General of LIGA.NRW

 Pina Frazzica & Lino Di Mattia, Regions for Health Network Secretariat in Caltanissetta, Sicily, Italy

 Erio Ziglio, Video message from the WHO Regional Office for Europe in Venice, Italy

Session 1: Health in European regions

Population health

  • Population health in European regions (Interregional comparisons based on EU cofunded projects)
    Wolfgang Hellmeier & Ixhel Escamilla, LIGA.NRW, Bielefeld, Germany

Regional health policy

EU (health) policy

Session 2: Pursuing health equity

Children and youth

Workers and unemployed persons

  • Unemployment and health - some facts and strategies
    Manfred Dickersbach, LIGA.NRW, Bielefeld, Germany

Senior citizens

  • Senior citizen's health projects and equity. Focus: Caregiving
    Hanneli Döhner, University of Hamburg, Germany
  • Promotion of health-enhancing physical activity for the elderly - Current activities in North Rhine-Westphalia
    Gudula Ward & Gunnar Geuter, LIGA.NRW, WHO CC for Regional Health Policy and Public Health, Bielefeld, Germany

Session 3: Methods and tools to support equity in regional health policy

Systems performance



  • Health impact modelling – Results from an international workshop in Düsseldorf, March 2010
    Odile Mekel, LIGA.NRW, WHO CC for Regional Health Policy and Public Health, Bielefeld, Germany

Additional presentation

Session 4: Perspectives / Discussion

  • Reducing health inequalities from a regional perspective
    What works, what doesn’t work
    Annual RHN Conference in Genk (Belgium), Nov. 2010
    Solvejg Wallyn, Flemish Agency Care and Health; International Relations, Brussels, Belgium

Workshop report

LIGA.Fokus 15
Regional Health Policy - Promoting equity in spite of cross-currents?
Regionale Gesundheitspolitik - Förderung von Chancengleichheit trotz Hindernissen?
Bochum, Germany, 13-14 Sept 2010
Düsseldorf: LIGA.NRW 2011, 104 S.
ISBN 978-3-88139-189-4